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Welcome to Refmac Signs, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of premium signs for businesses, public areas, corporate buildings and transit amenities, including assistance with securing proper permits for placement and usage.
Great signage attracts customers to your business. It's a key factor in a company's successful visual branding to its target consumers because the quality, prominence and aesthetic appeal of your sign determines the type of attention you will draw. The goal is to ensure that you enhance your chances of acquiring new business and increasing revenue with that first impression you deliver through your outdoor signage.


Our experienced graphic design team specializes in the art of signage design, fabrication and construction.

Refmac’s designers understand that the conditions of each site vary widely and therefore require specifically tailored planning. Typical blind mass-production sign companies frequently encounter significant problems when their signs are introduced to the unique conditions present on-site. Our designers' up-front attention to the details of each site ultimately results in the elimination of costly re-work and ensures that our signs are made exactly to fit the needs of each location. This kind of individualized design and engineering guarantees that installation can be accomplished quickly and without error.

We focus on satisfying your needs with brilliant lighting techniques and layout, while also taking into account landlord and city requirements. We analyze city code, mall criteria, and other official stipulations to make sure you are getting the largest, most noticeable sign possible.

By using the vital information from site surveys, the designers use the latest techniques to superimpose your new sign onto photos of the existing building. This leaves the guesswork out of color and proportion. We present innovative solutions and options if we come across alternate layouts that may be valuable for you to consider.

We can work with your design and/or logo artwork, or we can create new logos for you. Most importantly, our collective design ideas are quickly and clearly presented to you via e-mail so that you can immediately view the signs resulting from requested revisions, novel suggestions, and/or required changes.

The design department’s location directly adjacent to the engineering department ensures seamless integration between design and fabrication. Our close proximity also promotes synthesizing of new ideas on assembly techniques. We also research new materials on the market and strive to form and maintain strong relationships with our vendors.

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